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A really interesting post by ideamagpie:

"… Despite agency posturing, Forrester research suggests that clients find themselves in a state of confusion “most marketers don’t trust their traditional agencies with digital work and yet most don’t believe their interactive agencies are ready to lead yet either.” 

Ideamagpie explains that the advertising industry is faced with a marked change in client priorities, owed to a poor economic climate and the leaner marketing budgets that have followed.

Simultaneously, digital media evolved rapidly and now presents some of the strongest growth opportunities for agencies and clients alike. And whilst this situation presents exciting opportunity, it also presents a race for traditional agencies to become more relevant – staking their claim as vanguards in a digital era for marketing.

To convince current and prospective clients that they can achieve great work away from their traditional discipline, a group of agencies are creating self-initiated projects that demonstrate their relevancy in the digital world.  

Mother are acclaimed for such projects, here are a few of theirs:


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